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There are many more marketing zones where you can just drop them, like at the mall. You know, food court, escalator, elevator, benches, just, do not leave a trail of them and do not put your cell phone number in them. While you are at the mall you can go into the high end stores and leave some in there too. You will want to find the leather coats section and put some in pockets , or find the expensive suits or jeans and leave some in those pockets. These are marketing zones and this is reverse shoplifting. Remember, you can ask for forgiveness if you need to.

I finished eating and went to the "Rec" Room. I introduced myself to several folks. The woman who was obviously the Matriarch said very matter-of-factly, "Why are you here, you are not sick." An air of suspicion soon permeated the table of folks. One guy even decided that I was sent there by the CIA to undermine their secret networks of operation. That being, where to get drugs, cigarette lighters, sharp implements, whatever one needed could be had by knowing the right people. Gee, that's still true today.

Now, there is nothing easy about life in real estate. It is a highly competitive industry, so he took me some time to get my mind around this idea. I was used every summer to the winter feast and famine, it was a new concept to me.

With the credit reports in hand and each outstanding bill with account numbers and contact phone numbers carefully catorgized on a summary sheet together with a priority selection of secured debt and unsecured debt the process began. Secured debt would be a house payment, car, etc. If one does not pay these secured debts they foreclose on the house or repossess the car. Unsecured debt is the credit cards. Armed with income, tax with holding, history of income tax refunds and such a budget was roughed out for each family. At this point, decisions on the order of importance of the debts would be hashed out and decided. The key to a proper work out is to start the communication process with creditors immediately and include them in your plan to rebuild your credit.

The game board consists of 9 boxes for each player across from each other with a "stone" in between. The object is to capture either the most stones in the game when all the cards are played, or you can win earlier by winning three stones that are next to each other at any point in the game! How do you win stones? Well you build a better 3 card domino 99 hand than your opponent.

Everyone is awake by 1:00 p.m. and Natalie is telling everyone about her phone call. There is nothing special being discussed throughout the house. Natalie and Lydia are trashing Jessie and Natalie says how she would tell Jessie how hot Jeff was to get to him. Jeff gives Natalie a high five for saying he is hot. Michele asks what they are laughing about and Jeff tells her that Lydia and Natalie are zinging Jessie. Natalie tells Michele that Jessie wanted her, but could not have her, so he settled on Lydia.

Do not use your cards to pay other debts as much as possible. Paying other creditors using your credit card is very much not advisable. Find other means to pay off your creditors but don't charge it on your credit card as much as possible.

When venturing out, be prepared. Arm yourself with fun stories or songs for the campfire. Bring smores and other kid-friendly camping treats. If your kids are old enough, bring along some cards or dominoes. Remember kid-size camping chairs to keep them away from the creepy crawlies that will make them squeal when the sun goes down.

PLAY MONEY SATELLITES: You start with 500 in play money convert that into real cash by playing in the FUN STEP Sit and Go Tournaments. Each tournament you win gets you a ticket to the next higher. Win Three FUN STEP ladder tournaments and you get real cash deposited into your account. You can play up to 5 FUN STEPs a day and top off your play money every 24 hours. A bottomless source of bankroll building dollars without spending a penny of your own money. This promotion runs regardless of your account status.

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